ADAT staff are experts in clinical data certification and analysis, with more than 25 year of experience in skin and clinical trials dealing with the Cosmetics efficacy variables.

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There are multiple ways to develop new projects
and growth together.

ADAT analyses the results from your products obtained by CRO’s located in any continent. develops test protocols that can be executed by other CRO’s located on any continent.

We perform the analysis of the clinical study raw data or images with our own algorithms.

In addition, ADAT may also validate study procedures and data, providing increased confidence in the entire process for your company and to the authorities that may analyse these elements.

Cosmetic Global / Regional Brand

If you are a global & regional cosmetic brand we can analyse your data, monitor the data acquisition process with your CRO and certify the results obtained in multiple clinical research outsourcings.

Contract Research Organization (CRO)

If you are a CRO, ADAT may help you in multiple ways. Benefit from our experience in the experimental design, knowledge of new equipment/ techniques, monitor the data acquisition to maximize the clinical study outcome and certify your results. We collaborate with a growing network of CRO’s in different continents that, depending on the characteristics of your product and the techniques to be used, may execute the clinical part of the study.

Raw material Manufacturer / Technique

If you have a new ingredient or need to support the benefits from an existing one we can design the tests and provide options among the existing CRO’s that own the acquisition (data/image) techniques you need. We can monitor the data acquisition and analyse and certify the results obtained.


At ADAT, we do not perform clinical studies, but we know exactly what you need to support and substantiate your claims.

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