ADAT staff are experts in clinical data certification and analysis, with more than 25 year of experience in skin and clinical trials dealing with the Cosmetics efficacy variables.

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Pólo Técnológico de Lisboa,
Rua António Champalimaud, lote 1P
1600-514 Lisboa

GPS. 38.769159593308245, -9.180450972226627


Analise your data (raw data and images)

We can analyse data obtained by CRO’s located in any continent. We will use our expertise of more than 25 years in data analysis conjugated with the algorithms we have developed to get the most of your data providing robustness and significance.

Monitors data acquisition

ADAT monitors and validates data acquisition techniques to certify and maximize the information gathered in each test.

Certify your data

ADAT can certify that your study has fulfilled the best conditions from volunteer selection to data/image collection and that modern and state-of-the-art methods have been used.

Clinical Tests - conception and design

We design your clinical test based on your product category, compositions and the level of evidence you need to support its benefits.

Consumer Neurobehaviour Analysis

New product approach based on advanced AI software and eye-tracking systems.

This behaviour analysis will provide an accurate position about your product

FACS | Eye-track | Voice